4 comments on “Romans chapter 8 verse 18

  1. I concur with the above Jeff…both beautiful and encouraging. I also like the Tin Hatter reflections. It reminds me that even though the “divergent thinkers,” “paradigm shifters” etc. often get “voted off the island,” what is life if you can’t be directed in and by the proclamation of God’s truth.

    • Thank you brother. The more we allow ourselves to be stirred by the Spirit to action; the more the active and alive Word, that is Jesus Christ, stirs in us. May our small ripples, as we are thrown off the island, culminate in waves in the ocean, so great, that the glory of God be magnified; and sin, recede. It is wonderful to have you visit. I’ll be visiting here as well, as often as I can, in order to share the grace of God, through Jesus Christ, who alone is my inspiration for this blog.

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